Vintage Sports Cars

From Ferraris to Fiats, make your classic automobile drive like a modern car all in a plug in solution! Don't settle for used computers that offer 70s performance when you can get modern technology to improve your driving experience with better performance and drivability. *Currently under development*

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Subaru Engine Power

The fastest time attack, road race, and drag Subarus in the world used our engine management systems to set over 13 current track records and over 5 championships.  Join the club with your Subaru powered vehicle!

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Built To Spec Wholesale

If you're a kit car manufacturer or a company with special automotive project needs, we can manufacture an ECU and provide engine calibration services to offer exclusively for your clients.

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Engine Swap Plug In

You've done what they said couldn't and you've dropped a twin turbo V8 in your Toyota FRS 86, you've stuffed an LS3 in your Miata, V8 powered your 350Z, converted your Subaru into RWD with that sweet sounding 2JZ, or you want something unique in your kit car. We offer plug in solutions that work with your modern OEM electronics to maintain all dash functions, ABS, stability control, electronic steering, and even plug in engine harnesses to control that big motor without compromise!

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Automotive Computers Are Our Passion!

Nemesis Engine Management Systems was born out of a passion to offer a user tunable computer without the constraints of the existing powerplant or the factory computer's limitations.

We want your tuning experience your build to go smoothly so we offer not only plug and play solutions for the most popular tuner platforms but we also provide tuned base maps for the most popular modifications and even boosted applications.  Companies like Flyin Miata, KO Racing, and Element Tuning have your Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, and LS V8 based engines covered with excellent maps and technical support.

The Nemesis software is a standout in a world of cumbersome, poorly laid out, and hard to tune ecus. With a real-time tuning interface redesigned for ease, logic, simplicity, and adjustability, it's easy and fast to find what you need to adjust and then make that change in an instant.

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Next Steps...

Ready to see what Nemesis EMS has to offer for your car?  Have a look at our typical applications here and if you don't find what you're looking for, email or call us as we probably do offer what you need for various engine swaps.