I have my Nemesis EMS installed. What should I do next? Step 1

First, connect to your Nemesis EMS (from the ECU to your laptop) to access the pre-loaded calibration map and save a master copy. Your Nemesis device is pre-loaded with this map and it contains vital information about the triggering arrangement and engine setup. You can build upon this map, saving as you go under different filenames.

I can't upload with my serial adapter. What should I do?

The Nemesis software will select the correct COM port automatically by following these steps in order. 1) plug in your Serial cable to your laptop. If you do not have a serial port then use an "FTDI USB to Serial" adpter (you may purchase one through us). 2) Turn the Ignition key to the full "on" position but not running. 3) Open the Nemesis software and the correct COM port should be selected and the software wil load the map that is currently in your EMS.

How do I calibrate my throttle position and wideband 02 sensor? Step 2

Once you are connected to your Nemesis EMS you must calibrate your TPS and your wideband air fuel ratio sensor.

Wiring WB 02 sensor:

The pins are connected as follows:

A:         (Green Wire)Grey Connector B9

B:         (Black Wire)Grey Connector A11

C:         (Red Wire)Large Blue Connector D7

E:         (Brown wire)Grey Connector B1

D:         (White Wire)Grey Connector B2

Calibrating 02 sensor (If option purchased) and Throttle:

You will need to calibrate your WB before installing the sensor into the exhaust system (ideally 6-8” post turbocharger).  To calibrate the throttle you will first need to have the key in the on position for at least 2 minutes then go Tools/Calibrations calibrate the “Closed Throttle” with the throttle pedal at rest and then calibrate “Wide Open Throttle” with the throttle pedal to the floor.  With the WB sensor unplugged set the Zero Grad Cal scale so the display reads 14.7.  Plug in the NTK sensor and let heat up for 5 minutes then calibrate the second Uego Grad Cal reading so that the AFR display just reads 21.5 (use the lowest number possible and this may require your car to be running to get enough current to the sensor).  You can now install the sensor in the exhaust system.

I would like to learn more about tuning with the Nemesis. Where is the user manual?

The user manual is inside your Nemesis software under the menu Help/Help topics.  You may also learn more about the specific map you are tuning by selecting on the main menu Help/Help.

Is the tuning real-time?

Yes, while you are "connected" to your Nemesis EMS every change you make is real-time permanent saving you time.  Now it is highly advised that you file/save as often to your laptop while tuning with a new name in case you make a mistake and need to revert to an older map.

Can I use any Nemesis EMS with only a wiring harness change?

That is not likely as our engine management systems carry application specific circuitry and hardware. While some carry over is possible it's best to contact us and ask first. In some instances you can send your unit in for the required changes.  Price will depend on what needs to be done but typically anywhere from $200-400 plus the $325 for a new wiring harness.

Why are some tuning options not selectable or missing?

The software defaults to the most basic user level. If you would like to access more detailed tuning go the upper menu and select tools/experience level/guru.  Some maps may be permanently locked for certain applications or package features. You may request to unlock some features for a fee.

How do I change from metric to standard units?

Go to the upper menu and select tools/units and you may choose how the various measurement units are displayed

How do I update my firmware and software to the latest version ?

To update the firmware you'll go to your Nemesis Program folder on your laptop. First download a copy of the latest firmware and software from www.nemesisems.com/software. Connect your laptop to your Nemesis EMS and turn the ignition key to the full "on" position. Click on the Windows Icon in the lower left corner of your laptop screen, go to "N" and select Nemesis 2.7/Firmware Update Tool.  Select Upgrade and chose the newer firware file to install.

For the tuning software once you've downloaded the latest you will most likely need to right click on the "setup.exe" icon and "install as administrator."

I have a Hydra EMS, do you support those?

Nemesis Engine Management systems in not Hydra EMS but we will be offering products for and supporting Hydra 2.7 units.  Any repairs or upgrades to units past the warranty period will be handled on a case by case basis.  Many of the peripheral products we will be producing will be compatible with Hydra 2.7