Plug-n-Play Engine Management Computers

The quickest and easiest user tunable engine management system in a plug and play package for Subaru, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Scion, and Lotus platforms.  We even have many same manufacturer engine swap plug and play systems available such as any Subaru engine in any Subaru chassis, Cheverolet LS1-LS3 V8 swaps into Subaru, Toyota, Scion, and Mazda, and of course Toyota 2JZ engine swaps.

Custom Developed EMS for Manufacturers and Performance Retailers

We offer custom developed engine management systems for manufacturers of kit cars, race cars, and performance retailers looking to offer something not commercially available to fit your needs. From one off designed cars to motor swap production vehicles, we can make it happen in your own unique marketable package.

Engine Calibration and ECU Tuning

While we have many tuned base maps for our engine management systems offered by Element Tuning, KO Racing, for turbo Miatas, and more, we are also available to dyno tune your car.  We also offer manufacturer level engine calibration work for custom engine management systems we develop. Technical support and calibration work, please contact Philip Grabow

Making your dream a reality

You've poured blood sweat and tears into your project car and we're here to make it run without compromise! Straight forward speed density tuning with a built in 45 psi map sensor, closed loop fueling, individual cylinder knock detection and correction, Flex Fuel support, an amazing gear/TPS/temp based boost control system, muliple map switching on the fly, launch control, anti-lag, and even gear based programmable traction control.

Manufacturer and Performance Retailers

Performance retailers and manufacturers can better utilize their branding and profitability by offering engine management systems specifically for their needs. Want your company to have a plug and play powered LS V8 Mazda Miata, Miata powerd Lotus style kit cars, 2JZ swapped Subaru?.  If you have a plan for your company and would like to offer your own engine management solution, contact us now.

Software and Upgrades

Looking to upgrade an older version of the Hydra EMS? For a limited time Nemesis EMS will be upgrading older units to the latest 2.7 software. Please contact us with your serial number and application for pricing on an upgrade.

Current 2.7 Software and Firmware please follow the link


Next Steps...

Ready to see what Nemesis EMS has to offer for your car?  Have a look at our typical applications here and if you don't find what you're looking for, email or call us as we probably do offer what you need for various engine swaps.